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Yiwu ,China

26th Yiwu Fair (2020-10-29)
2020 (2020-6-21)
Running into the World and Returning to Yiwu -- "World Yiwu People's Congress" held in our city (2019-9-17)
Yiwu Customs issued certificates of origin in the first quarter of 2019 to a new high (2019-5-10)
In the second quarter, the liner fleet was 71.9 percent, with the ocean alliance performing the best (2018-10-11)
The twenty-third fair and Yiwu market Shanghai promotion conference will be held (2017-10-11)
Kazakhstan media attention yiwu \"area\" construction (2017-7-18)
Yiwu start "global 100" toughness city project (2017-3-3)
2016 international health industry summit held in yiwu in zhejiang province (2016-12-8)
Yiwu holds a unified brand opening ceremony in Central Europe (2016-6-12)
In 2015, yiwu government since the "two sessions" work at industry development (2016-2-27)
The fourth session of the central African folk BBS on August 25-27 was held in our city (2015-9-5)
Chinese festival time (2015-2-7)
Yiwu small commodity export into the "sunshine avenue" (2014-11-18)
Creating use credit index supervision market here in yiwu (2014-9-15)
The central level (province) news their visit to yiwu (2014-7-3)
Yiwu, zhejiang province approved the first bonded logistics center in the Midwest (2014-2-28)
Yiwu port customs supervision site was officially opened (2013-12-2)
China's new immigration law shall go into effect as of July 1, 2013 (2013-8-6)
Two (2013-4-5)
2012 Yiwu Fair (2012-10-17)
"Yiwu Port" to speed up the construction of key logistics projects (2012-8-16)
India for the first time to replace Iran into Yiwu the largest export destination country (2012-5-23)
70% of the [Xinhua] Foreign Investment Partnership Enterprise settled in Yiwu (2012-3-1)
Yiwu Port(First) today officially opened (2011-10-28)

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