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Yiwu holds a unified brand opening ceremony in Central Europe

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Date£º 2016-6-12
2016 June 12,source: Yiwu Business Daily June 8 morning, China Railway officially opened China EU class unified brand, unified brand central trains on the same day respectively, from Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Suzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu eight origin. In the future, our country is bound to Europe all the European class will be all the use of this brand. Xu Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, and city leaders Sheng Qiuping, Lin Yi, Chen Xiuxian, Ji Jinfu, Gong Youqun, etc. to participate in Yiwu central Europe class unified brand opening ceremony. Mayor Lin Yi at the opening ceremony speech, said the central trains (Yiwu, Madrid) since since November 18, 2014 originating in Shanghai, Shanghai Railway Bureau and China railway container divided into companies and other units and the community's strong support, has the opening line of 58, carrying 4096 TEUs, to achieve normal operation, and gradually become the new engine of Yiwu International Trade. Lin pointed out that the central class column enable unified brand, unified logo, a unified image, both on the optimization of resources, collection of power, enhance the competitiveness is of great significance, also to the Yiwu market development, expanding opening up, construction of international commodity has a positive role. It can be said that both focus on the long-term, but also focus on the current; not only to better serve the national strategy, but also to promote local economic development. I will return, seize the opportunity, market-oriented, strengthen investment, guide along more social forces to participate, trains continue to enrich the connotation, promote the national "The Belt and Road along the goods through Yiwu distribution, speed up the Yiwu into a zone of a road supply. I will actively improve the port infrastructure, accelerate the opening of the railway crossings, best services, and constantly improve the central trains (Yiwu - Madrid) brand image, to train a "The Belt and Road demonstration project, become friendship train, train, cooperation win-win train. It is reported that China EU class column brand identity Benz to the train, and the flying silk for modelling, fusion emblem of China Railway, China Railway abbreviation, express class English letters and other elements, Chinese red, black power gives priority to tone, highlighting China Railway sedate, honesty, generosity and responsible for and the strength of the brand image. Railway Corporation Transport Bureau responsible person, unified central trains, trains brand naming, brand identity, brand and brand awareness, conducive to the collection of all forces, and enhance market competitiveness, the central trains to become internationally renowned logistics brand international competitiveness and reputation, to promote the railway supply side structural reform, efforts to provide more effective supply, better service to "The Belt and Road construction, has a very important significance. Central trains refers to the operation according to the fixed number, route, schedule and the whole operation time, and China exchanges in Europe and the The Belt and Road "countries along the international container railway transport trains. Central trains is safe and fast, green, little affected by the natural environment and other advantages, has become the backbone of the way of international land transport logistics, service for China's foreign trade and economic development, through the central overland trade route between China and Europe, to achieve the road Unicom, smooth logistics, promote national The Belt and Road construction capacity security. Up to now, the country has a total of more than 1700 trains CDB class column. (Chen Xiaowen)

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