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In 2015, yiwu government since the "two sessions" work at industry development

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Date£º 2016-2-27
Date: 2016-02-26 source: yiwu government net Wave halt the swift boat, not to advance is to go back. In 2015, is doomed to be a challenging year yiwu economic and social development. In the new normal, yiwu closely the pulse of The Times, tight grasp the development opportunity, grasp the international trade comprehensive reform pilot, "One Belt And One Road" strategic opportunity, focus on sorting out the industrial development train of thought, pays special attention to the industrial development planning, emphasis on six major industries, and through the industry linkage, project support, and gradually promote the industrial structure to open, innovative, growing. Electricity logistics financial flowers all around The last day of 2015, the official opening of yiwu international mail exchange bureau, yiwu inbound and outbound email contacts overseas and realize the local customs clearance. Lasted more than half a year, yiwu international mail exchange bureau to witness the "yiwu speed", confirm the yiwu electric business, logistics, financial industry shigeru "flowers". In 2015, the Internet with yiwu to take off again. This year, yiwu landslide "electricity top county in China" at the top of the title, "give him entrepreneurship active area" in 2015, was named the "top ten hit a guest city". The realization of e-commerce trade volume totaled 151.1 billion yuan, up 31% from a year earlier, express delivery enterprises above designated size send express 610 million pieces. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce get breakthrough, the city set up overseas warehouse 17, 8 of which are approved by the provincial public construction experimental unit of overseas warehouse. Cargo and yiwu market "blood flow". Last year, the first phase of prologis logistics park, express logistics cluster center 6 companies put into use, the infrastructure is perfect; Complete yiwu wisdom logistics information platform project first phase construction, "Internet + efficient logistics" the basic framework. On this basis, the yiwu not only has won the "2015 China cross-border electronic business logistics mode innovation award" and "2015 China logistics center city outstanding achievement award", more as a representative of the province only compete for the "modern logistics innovation demonstration city" in the country. Financial support is highlighted. In June last year, dominated by the financial sector, reflect the characteristics of the international trade the silk road town, town to create objects become the first batch of provincial characteristics. Throughout the year, the financial sector which accounts for 10.1% GDP, financial institutions deposit and loan balance of 244.51 billion yuan and 209.53 billion yuan respectively. Mice tourism culture flowers In 2015, on the one hand, on the basis of the market in yiwu and support cultural convention and exhibition tourism development; On the other hand, in order to culture mice tourism as the leading, promoting the market promotion and prosperity. Cultural creative industry is thriving. Last year, in yiwu in bigger and stronger creative park, industrial design center platform, on the basis of righteousness table design center, the south Korean design base, yiwu such as 3 d printing design center project put into operation, to yiwu cultural creative industry development into the "arm". Exhibition industry prosperity and development, successfully hosted the first China international electronic commerce expo, world conference on electricity, the silk road economic belt cities international BBS, China logistics and "area" of the logistics peak BBS, etc., significantly improve the influence of yiwu. Last year, were held in yiwu righteousness expo exhibition 132, etc. The tourism industry got unprecedented development. Last year, yiwu become the first approved to create international business travel destination city, also introduced a batch of important cultural tourism projects, such as the future city, QingLv looks at that time, le mans car culture tourist town, etc. Four big industry Each has his strong point At the start of the New Year, is located in the shore in the town of geely group to shatter the engine assembly production line 3 52 meters are even the axis, geely panda a00:1450:8006 level etc, models of JL - 3 g10 series engine is going into mass production the countdown. Successful landing in 2015, geely project, open automobile industry development of a new era in yiwu and fill the blank of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in yiwu. This is yiwu developing fashion, information, equipment, health a miniature of the four major strategic industries. Over the past year, central Europe fashion month activities held in yiwu, effectively promoting the traditional industry of yiwu brand influence, promote the development of the fashion industry; To set up the province "one thousand plan" industrial park, the introduction of "one thousand plan" experts led by project 39; Three new provincial industrial design center, further promote the industrialization of the industrial design; Complete technical renovation investment 8.92 billion yuan, the implementation rules on industrial new product output value 27.68 billion yuan, up 25.9%; 13000 new registered trademark, Chinese well-known trademark 4 pieces, introducing all kinds of personnel 16500 people. Plant wutong trees opportunely, attract the phoenix. Last year, major breakthroughs were made in yiwu city major industrial investment promotion and capital introduction, with a total investment of 40 billion yuan of central intelligence in garden-making start the construction, successfully introduced a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan of geely powertrain base project and a total investment of 7 billion yuan of geely group commercial new energy vehicle project, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan of HuaCan photoelectric projects, a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan of zhengda central kitchen project and 2 billion yuan bei you HuaLu information culture industrial park project and so on one batch of significant projects have signed a contract. The annual zheshang return project 39, the actual investment of 12.88 billion yuan, increased three times.

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