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Yiwu ,China

Running into the World and Returning to Yiwu -- "World Yiwu People's Congress" held in our city

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Date£º 2019-9-17
Month is the hometown of Ming, people are the hometown. The Happy Lake on September 13 is a blend of countryside, family and friendship, which warms people's hearts. More than 800 Yiwu people from all over the world gathered together to celebrate the festival, to share friendship, to talk about development and to build the world's "capital of small commodities". Dozens of representatives of contracted projects and some of the projects under discussion have come, including party and government leaders, academicians and experts from all walks of life. Nearly 200 overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese leaders from 83 countries and regions have come. Over 40 overseas students and international youth entrepreneurship representatives from five continents have come. Yiwu Chamber of Commerce and Zhengyi Chamber of Commerce have come from all over the world. The representatives of the Chamber of Commerce came, the representatives of the local excellent enterprises in Yiwu came, and more than 40 media came... The people of Yiwu in the world discuss Yiwu affairs. Lin Yizuo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a warm speech. Mayor Wang Jianzuo opened the ceremony. Members of the city's four groups and principal heads of towns, streets and departments attended the meeting. Listen -- "Yiwunong" Struggle Experience and Hometown Feelings Yiwu people dare to "break through", cut through thorns and break through the wind and waves; Yiwu people are good at "breaking through", keeping pace with the times, innovating and seeking change; Yiwu people are happy to "break through", happy in bitterness, and home in all corners of the world. The Yiwu people have entered into the world, engaged in business, taken the whole situation into consideration, and turned small businesses into big markets. Yiwu is also a city, because there are many people who dare, dare and dare to make great strides in order to build a world "small commodity capital" with high quality and high level. At the "World Yiwu People's Congress", seven representatives of the world Yiwu people came to the rostrum to share their struggle experience and entrepreneurship stories with you. Among them, there are not only Zhou Fuyun, an important founder of "the bright capital of the world", who has marched from traditional industrial capital to scientific and technological innovation, developing stationery exhibitions, Huang Changchao, president of Yiwu Cultural Articles Industry Association registered with stationery trademarks in more than 100 countries, but also the overseas development of Yiwu Commercial and Trade City, and the overseas Chinese in Slovakia. Chen Guanmao, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Human Resources, and Fu Wenjie, representative of overseas African businessmen who resigned to start a business and ventured in Africa, as well as the uncle of Yiwu Foreign Dispute Mediation Commission and Sula, economic adviser to the President of Senegal. The story of entrepreneurship appeared on CCTV in Naira, and Chen Xiaofeng, a high-level talent representative of Yiwu nationality and President of Yiwu Chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou. Whether they are Yiwu people, foreigners in Yiwu or Xinyiwu people in Yiwu, they all have a common name - Yiwunong. Thick local accent has brought us closer to each other, and the soil we live together has brought us closer to culture and soul. Boxing is pure-hearted and serves Sangzi's affection. "No matter how good it is outside, my roots are always in Yiwu! We have been looking for opportunities to serve our homeland!" "No matter how far a person goes, he can't forget where he started. Yiwu is my home, where there are relatives who raise me." "Yiwu is really good now. I sincerely hope that people in Yiwu all over the world will come home and see it."... On the spot, such sounds are heard all the time. Look - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in Yiwu "The beautiful Yiwu River, from the Dapan Mountains, is like two long dragons, from Dongyang to Yiwu, which was called Wushangxi in ancient times..." At the meeting, the first episode of the documentary Yiwu (draft for comments), Wu Shang, appeared for the first time. The magnificent aerial scenes and true and comprehensive introduction of historical facts opened a new window for Yiwu people to understand their hometown deeply once again. According to reports, "Yiwu" (draft for comments) reflects the spirit of Yiwu, which is industrious, hardworking, courageous, honest and inclusive. The documentary has 20 episodes, which combines historical documents, ideological expositions and humanistic interpretation. It combs the historical development of Yiwu vertically from prehistoric to modern times in the order of time development. Each episode sets different themes, which is equivalent to a general history of Yiwu. The conference also invited participants to participate in the revision of the title and content of Yiwu documentary. Development depends on kinetic energy, and kinetic energy depends on projects. In the first three quarters of this year, 86 projects with a total investment of 86.2 billion yuan and over 50 million yuan were started in the city. The conference also signed on-site the Global Photovoltaic Joint Innovation Center Project, Yiwu Window, Yichuang Investment, China Post East China Logistics Storage Center Project, TV drama "Chicken feather flying to the sky 2", the comprehensive strategy of Yiwu People's Government and Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, and the co-construction of Yiwu Research Institute of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology and Yiwu People's Administration Fourteen major projects, such as strategic cooperation between the government and Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Vocational Technology, with a total investment of 63.4 billion yuan, involve high-end manufacturing, scientific and technological research and development, industrial funds, business, cultural tourism, modern logistics, talent cultivation and other fields, which will inject tremendous momentum into Yiwu. Shuangjiang Lake, the North-South echo of urban green lung and the dual-core drive are the symbolic projects of accelerating Yiwu's "Bid Free Trade Zone and Solid Test Zone". They will also be the historic projects of Yiwu, which will greatly enhance the urban environment and energy level after completion. Lin Yicheng invited the world Yiwu to name the "double rivers and lakes" and "the city green lung". With everyone's common wisdom and emotion, we will stand up the new landmark of the city and create a new world of development. Do-Strive for a Better Tomorrow in Yiwu "Golden partridge, silver partridge, fly to Yiwu". Lin Yi said that today, with a common aspiration, we fly back to Yiwu and discuss how to build a "small commodity capital" in the world. The world's "capital of small commodities" is the orientation given to Yiwu by General Secretary Xi Jinping. In recent years, Yiwu Free Trade Zone of Standard-to-Standard and Dry-Practice Test

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